About Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine originated from Asia almost 3 thousand years ago. There are about 1000 different Chinese herbs, and about 360 kinds of herbs are most widely used. Among these, there are herbs such as wolfberry, mug wart, ginseng, and black berry that are familiar to many people. The herbs are either collected directly from nature or skillfully grown by humans. A Chinese herbal medicine is usually composed of ten to twenty different herbs and is not commonly made with only one kind of herb itself. Therefore, it is called a 'formula'. Various herbs in the formula work synergistically to restore health and balance to the body.

Chinese herbal medicine is like a custom fitted clothing made by a tailor to fit one's body perfectly. Unlike Western medicine's general medication, every Chinese herbal medicine formula is specifically customized for each patient in order to derive the best results.

When a licensed TCM doctor prescribes the herbal medicine, it is very safe and has almost no side effects. Traditionally, herbal medicine is prescribed in decoction, pill or powder form. It is said that Chinese herbal medicine resembles homeopathy of Western medicine.