About CarePlus

Service Fee and Insurance Coverage

Service Fee

Treatment Fee * All fees + TAX
General Acupuncture - $50
Acupuncture with Acupressure Massage May also include Moxibustion,
Cupping, Tapping or Herbal Supplement
Acupressure Massage / Reflexology 45 minutes $80
Initial Herbal Consultation for Patients Detailed examination, diagnosis,
30 minutes to 1 hour consultation and treatment
* All above fees + TAX


Treatment Fee * All fees + HST
Package A For patients requiring frequent acupuncture treatments 10 sessions: $450 /
20 sessions: $850
Package B For requiring frequent acupuncture with acupressure massage 5 sessions: $300 /
10 sessions: $600
Package C 45 minutes Acupressure Massage/Reflexology 5 sessions: $340 /
10 sessions: $680
Package D Weight loss program/Facial rejuvenation for 75 minutes 5 sessions: $495 /
1 session: $100

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage:
We Accept WCB and ICBC Claims. Look into your individual extended health plan for details of coverage.
Full payment is made at the time of treatment and receipts will be provided for insurance company.

Medical Service Plan(MSP) Premium Assistance:
Acupuncture treatments will be covered under MSP. Those who make an annual income of less than $28,000, can claim $23.00 per visit for a total of 10 visits per year.