Success Stories

Success Stories

Acupuncture & Herbal Treatments

Dr. Bae and her team descended from heavens to this Kingsway location as the healing angels!
The level of authenticity, humility and gentle caring is beyond what is normal or expected. I went there looking for acupuncture and herbal treatments and came away not only better in my health, but even looking better. Every other person I haven't seen for a while gives me a compliment... welcome comments for my middle aged female ego.

If you want physical treatments that combine the benefits of massage, acupuncture with or without Mugwort herb, moxibustion, herbal medicine for the body and have the option to extend them to cosmetic aspect of face care, This is the place. Season all that with enlightening conversations with Dr. Bae about anything from health, meditation, spirituality and even social revolution or poetry... every appointment is a treat for the mind, body, spirit (and face, if you choose)!!
Life long learning is her passion; healing is her calling.
Every one needs such an angel.

"Sharry Suh", Burnaby

Bell's Palsy

On December 11th 2008, I gave birth to a baby boy. During my stay at the hospital I noticed my face was drooping on the right side. After seeing my doctor, I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. He told me it was common for women to have this during pregnancy or after giving birth. He had prescribed me some viral medication, but he told me that it doesn't always work and that it could take up to 6 months before the paralysis of my face would be corrected. He recommended I go to get Acupuncture done. I came to see Dr. Steve Lee just after the New Year, I have seen him a total of 6 times and I am cured.

I started seeing results after the first visit. I would recommend Acupuncture to anyone.
I am forever grateful to Dr. Steve Lee for everything he has done for me.

"Lois Cusker", Coquitlam

Nerve Pain

I started experiencing pains in my right shoulder approx six weeks ago. I went to a clinic after about two weeks because my right hand was getting numb. The Doctor at the clinic did not help much and after another few days I was in a lot of pain and my arm was very much tingling. I slipped in the shower and bashed my right elbow when the pain was too much to bear, me and my girlfriend visited Care Plus Acupuncture Clinic, because we had both heard that Acupuncture is helpful for pain. After my first session the pain and numbness were nearly gone.

After the second session, Dr. Steve suggested that I see a family doctor. My doctor found that I had a pinched nerve, which caused the pain. My doctor said it would take a long time for the pinched nerve to completely heal.
But after only 7 Acupuncture sessions, I got much better!
Thanks to Care Plus Acupuncture Clinic for helping me with the pain.

"Jamie Salmond", Port Moody